Star Achiever Scholarships

Scholarship Applications

If your high school is on the Far South Coast of N.S.W. check with your Science teacher to see if your school is participating in the Star Achievers scholarships.

For Year 8 – 9 scholarships

Discuss your interest in the Star Achiever Scholarship with your science teacher. Scholarship nominations are initially made in by the Head of Science and Principal of your school. The subsequent selection process involves an application and interviews with parents and student.

For Year 10 – 11 scholarships

Only students who have successfully participated in the Year 8 – 9 scholarship program are eligible to continue their scholarship into Year 10 and 11.


Nominations and applications are submitted in Term 3 each year. That is, Year 7 students may be nominated for Year 8 – 9 scholarships; and Year 9 students may apply for Year 10 – 11 scholarships. The successful applicants are announced in Term 4, with the Scholarships commencing the following year.