Into.Science Awards

The Into.Science Awards are for secondary students who have a keen interest in science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM); have an inquiring mind; and who are performing in the top 5% in their year.

Being able to participate in hands-on vacation activities – from Year 7 upward – is a key element in developing those interests, just as much as what is learnt in the classroom. However such vacation programs and workshops are only run in cities such as Sydney and Wollongong, so most rural students never have an opportunity to get involved.

The Into.Science awards solve this by sponsoring attendance at selected programs and fully reimbursing the costs involved – not just the entry fees but also the associated travel and accommodation expenses (for the child and their parent).
The student can select the particular program they want to go to –

  • The UNSW ‘GERRIC’ 3-day workshops (for Yrs 7 and 8);
  • The UOW ‘Learning Labs’ 2-day workshops (for Yrs 7 to 10); or
  • A 3-day ‘Science Experience’ (run at several different universities, for Yr 9 & Yr 10)

These are run both in January and July each year, and the student can choose from a range of fascinating workshop topics, to match ther particular interest areas. It’s all hands-on and the student will meet other kids with similar interests and abilities.

Comparison with Star Achievers Scholarship

Eligibility & Conditions

  • The student must be able to attend the event and be accompanied to Sydney/Wollongong by a parent.
  • Reimbursement of actual expenses – entry fees, travel & accommodation (student & one parent) – up to $700
  • The student is responsible for applying for the particular program or workshop.
  • The entry fee is reimbursed on proof of acceptance to the event. Travel and accommodation costs are reimbursed after attending the event, on submission of receipts.
  • Limited to one award per student per year.


Students should discuss their interest with their science teacher before applying (as the teacher will need to subsequently co-sign the application).
The application details needed are –

  • The program being applying for (and the particular workshop)
  • A short personal statement explaining why the student wants to attend this particular activity
  • Evidence of suitability – a copy of exam results and NAPLAN (or IQ test)
  • Sign off by their science teacher
  • Approval by their parent/carer (who will need to accompany them on the trip.

You can download an application form here.


Applications close in March (for July events) and October (for January events).