Galactic Donors

MORE THAN $2,000

Galactic donors play a key role in the Foundation’s programs, both current & future.

Special thanks to:

  • Pitcher Partners and Jennifer Leslie, financial planners, Maitland

Stellar Donors

$200 TO $2,000

Thank you for your largess. We really appreciate the assistance from the following community-focussed Stellar supporters:

  • Kothes Accountants, Bega
  • Clarke Law Solicitors, Bega & Narooma

Planetary Donors

$5 TO $200

All donations are welcome. Thank you for helping the Foundation’s work.


The Sapphire Foundation relies on donations for the Star Achievers scholarships and other school programs. The more funds we have, the more schools we can include and the more help we can give.

100% of your donations go directly to fund our activities. No part of your donation is wasted on overheads - administration, salaries, advertising or fund-raising costs. (Any Foundation admin costs are picked up by the founders directly).

We need your support and any amount, small or large, is welcome. For individual donations just call or send us a cheque. Yes, of course we also accept direct deposits and cash.

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Business, Corporate and Charitable sponsors

We understand that you already have many calls on your limited money.

Every local community group and not-for-profit always has their hands out and you are probably saying ‘not another so-called worthy cause asking for donations’.

Yes we are asking for your help, and our work is entirely concerned with helping talented kids achieve their potential.

Is the future of our local students a worthwhile thing to support? We think so, and urge you to donate or even become a Foundation sponsor. Call us now to discuss the opportunities and your involvement.

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