Sample Projects

Sample Projects

It is always useful to see examples of what other people have done, the approach they have taken and the report structure they have used.

Some of our previous student projects

  • Is human pedal power a viable method of producing electricity?
  • What is the relationship between static & kinetic friction?
  • Say cheese! A study into the ability to read facial expressions
  • How the thrust of a propeller can be optimised by the area of the air out-take
  • Do children’s eating habits follow those of their parents?
  • Comparing sweetness of sucrose and fructose
  • The impact of distractions on the speed of learning something
  • The spread of weeds though cattle. (This won the ‘Young Scientist of the Year’ award for 2015)

Some of the winning STANSW ‘Young Scientist’ projects in past years

Click on each image to download & view the full PDF file. Note that these are winning entries, so are of a very high standard .